Kerala Lottery Result Today Live 3PM Chart

Kerala Lottery Result is one of the amazing lottery games in India. State Kerala Lottery is the famous lottery competitor in the country. Kerala State Government Lottery Department launched the Kerala Lottery. The state government of Kerala has created a separate department that manages the entire process of conducting various lottery games in Kerala.

In the initial phase of Kerala lottery games, the price of a Kerala lottery ticket was Rs.1. And the prize money was Rs. 50000. Users can also check the daily lottery results as soon as. We will update this official website to release the Kerala lottery result.

Kerala Lottery Result Today

केरल लॉटरी परिणाम आज

Kerala Lottery Result Today 13.04.2024 Karunya KR 649 Results

Kerala Lottery Result Yesterday

1st Prize-Rs.7,500,000/- (75 Lakhs)
Agency No.: E 8793
 Consolation Prize – Rs.8,000/-
WN 679765  WO 679765
WP 679765  WR 679765
WS 679765  WT 679765
WU 679765  WV 679765
WW 679765  WX 679765  WY 679765
2nd Prize –Rs.5,00,000/- (5 Lakhs)
WX 427903 (KOTTAYAM)
Agent Name: SANJU S K
Agency No.: K 9222
3rd Prize  Rs1,00,000/- [1 Lakh] 
WN 515564
WO 824158
WP 256213
WR 503849
WS 523260
WT 264611
WU 884475
WV 726507
WW 591404
WX 232503
WY 870347
WZ 580904
4th Prize – Rs.5,000/-    
0125  1023  1043  1182  1742  2035  2444  2912  2960  3091  3416  4013  4332  7560  7893  8085  8426  9078
5th Prize Rs.2,000/- 
0650  1502  2760  5253  6024  6227  6453  6741  7442  9853
6th Prize – Rs.1,000/-   
0086  0798  1277  1546  2110  3225  3417  4521  5373  5744  6510  7263  8079  9604
7th Prize Rs.500/-
0188  0328  0426  1004  1072  1269  1324  1611  1668  2090  2126  2171  2447  2459  2471  2885  2938  2995  3061  3125  3129  3163  3301  3461  3570  3870  3952  4042  4170  4288  4619  5197  5203  5229  5257  5269  5285  5439  5625  5769  5816  5837  5922  5939  5983  5987  6004  6068  6070  6240  6296  6362  6395  6404  6894  6977  6979  7106  7131  7149  7617  7667  7840  8181  8195  8365  8449  8546  8666  8927  9093  9152  9218  9239  9290  9314  9336  9739  9758  9759  9798  9923
8th Prize Rs.100/-
9800  7886  2741  5365  3809  0406  3633  2514  2610  1968  9483  6117  7762  3408  0319  4913  0193  5015  2020  3926  0289  4769  5249  5492  5316  7162  5250  7958  3475  5108  6983  3313  8145  2817  8455  7519  2140  5368  9842  1918  9870  7186  8389  3939  2082  8712  1426  8324  8111  3929  6214  4450  1335  2283  1644  9162  8974  8657  9985  5185  0477  3347  1749  5957  0832  2405  2163  3599  9191  0942  9110  0751  8845  8829  4990  6868  3140  4294  1551  5871  9756  1344  0330  3132  8194  3077  9929  3658  1585  2865  0177  7030  6146  2080  5262  3239  4559  8300  1168  7872  7814  8653  4247  5791  4514  6799  0364  4317  9979  1579  3608  1617  7990  4457  0368  2803  5178  7386  3986  4177  7460  7420  8606  4231  5905  2775

Kerala Lottery Result Old

Kerala Lottery Result Today

Users can access all results of the Kerala lottery. People can easily check their Kerala results and claim lottery prizes if their lucky number is shown. All contributors can easily analyze today’s Kerala results. Most participants must submit their tickets back to the department when they claim their cash prizes.

Kerala Lottery result today is going to be announced within a few seconds. Win-win 722 live results are declared at 2:55 pm. The developer regularly publishes the Gazette of the Kerala Lottery on the official website. This trustworthy website is also updating the gazette at 4 pm sharp.

Kerala Lottery Draw Result Today

Today’s draw result is decided to be declared at 3:00 pm. The financial department announces the weekly result at 3:00 pm on the right date. The gazette declares the draw result of an active website.

Suppose contributors find their lucky numbers in the posted result. In such a situation, they can claim and earn the cash prize from the financial department of the lottery. Then, they must have to return their ticket to the Kerala organization.

Today Guessing the Number of Kerala Lottery Result

If anyone is willing to search guessing numbers to win the lottery cash. Then, guessing numbers is the working strategy for achieving the Kerala lottery. Amazing guessing numbers app provides guessing numbers to the users. Then users can try these guessing numbers for winning Kerala lotteries. People can observe all the older Kerala lottery results and look for the most probably drawn numbers in previous results. The numbers mostly repeated in all old results are the exact guessing numbers for the users. They can use these guessing numbers and try their luck in today’s Kerala lottery.

Mostly, the most popular guessing numbers are four-digit and three-digit numbers in the Kerala lottery. Because these numbers work a lot. Many users prefer guessing numbers to win the lottery prize. Stay in touch with this website to get updated results and the latest guessing numbers of Kerala.

Kerala Lottery Old Result

Many people query the Kerala lottery old result or the Kerala lottery yesterday’s results for analyzing the old development. They find yesterday’s drawn numbers from the results and try to guess the upcoming lucky numbers. Some users are busy with work and must check today’s results at the exact time. So, such people always ask for yesterday’s results. The developer provides the users with the amazing facility of yesterday’s results.

In this, participants can claim their money at any time. Some people want to analyze the previous results for better participation in the next draw. Many people need help searching for old Kerala results, but now everyone can easily check yesterday’s and old Kerala lottery results without problems. This website supports thousands of users to come and check yesterday, tomorrow, and today’s Kerala lottery results.

If you are looking for the old Kerala lottery results, you visited the right place to see the winning records from previous draws. You can see the statistic page of the lucky draw number. It helps you to buy the tickets for the upcoming draw based on evaluation from old Kerala lottery results. The complete list of draw numbers is scheduled regularly according to districts. Users can see the winning statistics. Winning statistics support people to make some guesses for buying new tickets.

Individual awareness about drawing numbers needs to be improved. The process of the Kerala lottery is automatic and mostly depends on good luck. All previous and latest results are updated on this website. So, remember to visit the website daily to keep yourself up-to-date.

Kerala Lottery Chart

The latest Kerala lottery charts for schedule, prize structures, and distribution of Kerala cash are regularly updated and available here,

Some amazing offers of the Kerala lottery are presented in the table

  • Karunya + prize
  • Win Win 722 prize
  • Three Sakthi cash prize
  • Nirmal prize
  • Fifty Fifty cash prize
  • Bhagyamithra (Monthly Prize)

Some bumper prizes and festive prizes are also offer at many events. These bumper prizes hold cash for all the above six mentioned prizes.


The Kerala State scheme has many benefits. Some key advantages are here.

  • Kerala organization contributes greatly to charity to remove illiteracy and poverty.
  • This lottery scheme helps financially to meet the medical expenses of critical patients like aids patients, cancer patients, or heart patients.
  • Thousands of people undergo serious crises like accidents, floods, earthquakes, and tourist attacks. Kerala lottery provides a supporting hand to such people to move on in their lives.
  • Thousands of families wait each day to glimpse the Kerala lottery results exactly at 3 pm, hoping to win the cash to fulfill their dreams and meet their requirements.

A major contribution of

This scheme is use to remove poverty by contributing to the country’s development and for charity purposes. Change your living standard and become richer by buying a Kerala lottery ticket. Ensure your lucky number in the Kerala lottery results from this website and claim for money. Use this amazing opportunity to get fame. Prize charts, guessing numbers, and Kerala lottery results are update continuously. Visit the updated website for updated results.


How to Check Kerala Lottery Result 2023 for Fifty-Fifty FF-56?

Kerala Lottery draw for each weekly lottery is conducted at 3.00 pm on the draw date of the respective lottery. The lottery department publishes the result in a PDF file on the same day at 4:30 pm on the official website.

The file contains the day’s winning numbers for all prizes. Prize winners must Confirm the winning numbers with the result issued. And submit the lottery ticket within 30 days of the draw date.

Is the lottery legal in Kerala?

Kerala Lottery is an amazing program in Kerala run by the state government.

How to claim a cash prize in the Kerala lottery?

Participants can claim the Kerala lottery prize after confirming the lucky number in the Kerala lottery draw. Pay all taxes and fulfill all the requirements in the form. Return the tickets to the Kerala lottery department and get the cash prize of the lottery.

Can people sell or buy Kerala lottery tickets online?

No, online purchasing or selling of Kerala lottery tickets is strictly restricted. Many people try to sell or purchase tickets from social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook. But, the official organization banned this and punished such online sellers or buyers of tickets.


Check the Kerala lottery result to be rich. People can resemble the two sides of the same coin with the Kerala lottery. It is a unique lottery organization. Kerala lottery works like first aid for many people because it financially supports critical patients. Patients with cruel diseases like cancer, heart patients, kidney failure diseases, hemophilia, and aids can get financial help from this organization. So, the Kerala lottery organization facilitates them in treatment. Millions of people face many life-changing crises like floods, tourists attacks, accidents, and many more. This lottery scheme gives needy people a helping hand to move on and stand again.

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